6 Techniques To Improve Your App Promotion For Free

There are many techniques to promote and market different types of apps, but how we mix, plan and execute them will be the key to success in app promotion strategy.

Cross-promotion isn’t the only way to get free app promotion, so we’ve collected other best practices and strategies that will help you increase your app downloads. These listed app promotion techniques are used by Top-5 ranked apps into the stores.

Use these 6 app promotion techniques to stand out from competitors.

1 – Optimize your App Name and Description

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Investigate and use relevant keywords to increase the organic visibility of your app. Using keywords in the app name (title) has been proven to increase app rankings. Keep in mind that keywords repeated multiple times do not increases app rankings. Also, your name as “Publisher or Developer” counts as keyword (so use it once, then don’t repeat it). Keywords are the most organic way to target and acquire more users for free app promotion. Testing new keywords and researching synonyms on average-searched keywords (not top searches) can return higher search results in the app market. In most cases, it is better to appear in the top 5 results of a more specific search rather than in the top 100 of a general search.

2 – Improve your App Logo Design

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The logo, or icon, is the first opportunity to draw in users from the app ranking to your description. Show “what your app does” deep inside your brand, starting from your logo. Creating a positive first impression (one better than your competitors) will make your app stand out and will improve your app promotion, increasing visitors and downloads.

3 – Improve your App Screenshots with Titles and Background

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Users check the screenshots before reading anything, so making these images attractive is one of the most important selling points of your app promotion. Some tips for your screenshots: Write descriptions into them (main functionality or added values) and localize the screenshots by adding a background (like a desk, a city or a hand holding the phone). This will help users to imagine the experience of your app and increase conversions to new users.


4 – Join Tappx community to increase app downloads with Cross-promotion

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Tappx is a cost-free community of app developers, where members exchange advertisements between each other’s apps. Each time an advertisement is displayed on your app, you earn Tappix credits. Earned credits are then used to create campaigns in other members’ apps. Take advantage of Tappx NOW to grow your user-base with free app promotional campaigns! Top-ranked developers use cross-promotion as their main channel to generate downloads when launching new apps. Banners and interstitials (full-screens) have to be strategically implemented to minimize impact on the in-app experience. For example: Pause, Exits and Configure screens are usually the best options to optimize advertisements CTRs and keep the flow of the UX.


5 – Start planing your PR strategy

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Having some press notes or announcements planned will help us save time and get organized while we try to get the attention of bloggers and influencers (not an easy task). Classic announcements are: The history of the app, the success with happy users and a new functionality. Always keep in mind that bloggers are looking for inspiring stories to tell and interesting, unique content to share with their readers.

6 – Update your App into Alternative Stores

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There are other marketplaces where millions of users are discovering new apps. By uploading your app into them, we will be reaching new users who want to discover new and innovative apps.

Please share any other techniques you recommend for app promotion! We would love to know any other techniques (both successful and unsuccessful) for future promotions. As always, thank you for your continued support!

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