Meet the Tappx Team: Interview with Rafael Andrade

Our latest team interview turns the spotlight on Tappx Advertiser Business Developer, Rafael Andrade. Find out what an expert Advertiser Business Developer’s role is and whether or not he likes his job.

Rafa Andrade Tappx Barcelona

Team Interview Q&A

Q: What about your job gets you out of bed in the morning?  

A:The idea of enjoying it, and getting to the office with a smile every morning. Good feelings about my position, excitement about daily tasks, and our positive work environment are the main reasons for that.

Q: Describe your role in one sentence.

A: My main duties include look for new Advertisers/Demand partners, managing the existing ones, and defending our foosball machine as goalkeeper with all my might.

Q: What is your biggest work achievement?

A: So far, to onboard many advertisers. But as I have no other point of comparison, I do not know if it is an incredible achievement or just usual numbers.

Q: What do you do to disconnect from your job?

A: Not much as my family life does not allow me to hit the off switch. However, when I manage to get free time, I have a few things I like to do: read books and comic books, go to the movies, draw and paint.

Q: What is the most important apps for you to have when you travel?

A: I am a loyal flyer and usually only travel with a few airlines, so I have their apps installed.

Q: If you could choose a superpower what would you chose?

A: The ability to stop the time, or time travelling (without the Delorean). One of them would be enough, but I want both.

Q: What can advertisers do to improve ROI?

A: Work closely with us, optimize and share as much info as possible. More communication and quick response time is key as well.

Q: What other pro tip do you have for advertisers in the mobile app industry?  

A: Check your traffic, check your installs, follow all the installation details, and do not settle with just the first company. Try and try to refine and customize your approach.


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