Tappx Welcomes New Supply Director Kinga Kruzmanowska to the Team

We did an interview with Kinga to get to know our new colleague a little better! We thought you might like to learn more about our new, experienced Supply Director.

Kinga Kruzmanowska Tappx


Why did you choose your profession?
Happy coincidence, really. I studied economy because I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do. During that time I dabbled in real estate and logistics until I was offered a job in digital technology. It’s such a dynamic and interesting sector that I never looked back, enjoying it every step of the way.

What recommendation can you give for app monetization?
A:There is no one solution/setup ideal for all. You have to keep trying new things to find the perfect combination of technologies, formats, etc. for your app.

Why did you want to work for Tappx?
Even though it’s still a relatively small startup (29 people) it’s already very international with offices in 4 countries and people from 10 nationalities. Plus I had a good feeling about the ambiance/culture that was being created, and I was right about that! And of course, Carmen´s cooking is a reason all on its own ;)

What is a day for Kinga at Tappx?
Well, everything starts with a coffee:) Then you could say I spend a lot of my time talking to people! Coordinating strategy, projects with other departments, helping out with issues between the 12 of us in the Supply team takes some organization. It’s great, I enjoy it!

If you could only keep 3 apps on your phone, what would you keep?
No way, that’s almost impossible in my case as I have loads of apps! If you were to twist my arm it would probably be something like: Skype or Whatsapp for communication, Spotify for music and Instagram for pics.
But then I would want my favorites like Evernote, Mapstr, Camply, Amazon, Winfinder, Navionics, Libratone, ahh the list could go on and on!

Tell us something fun about yourself.
In my spare time, I’m addicted to 3 things: sailing (I’m a Yachtmaster and I love doing regattas), salsa dancing, and photography.

What is the first thing you do when you get home?
I hardly ever go straight home after work, there’s always something to do, dinner with friends, salsa, yoga…

If you won the lottery tomorrow, you would…
First I would get something for my parents. Then I would probably start investing to multiply my winnings ;)


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