Tappx Transparency Score Tops the Chart in Programmatic Advertising’s Quality Rating

Tappx transparency score

Pixalate publishes a monthly Mobile Seller Trust Index in what it calls Programmatic Advertising’s First Quality Rating. This is an independent quality ranking index for digital advertising that assesses a variety of factors such as viewability, fraud, engagement, domain masking, and more. Currently, November is the last monthly ranking published in 2017.

According to the ranking, Tappx is listed among the trusted sellers and topped the chart with its transparency score in the Mobile Seller Trust Index. The transparency score indicates the availability of device and user information. Tappx prides itself on providing maximum transparency to its customers. Moreover, Tappx strives to provide its partners the greatest amount of control over its campaigns, geo-location, and audience settings.

Accordingly, Tappx employs advanced in-house technologies to provide advertisers with the highest level of user information. “By providing advertisers with as much information about the user as possible, we help publishers earn a higher eCPM,” says Santiago Soengas, Strategic Partnerships Manager.

To learn more about the Mobile Seller Trust Index, you can download and peruse the full version of the MSTI on the Pixalate Website.

In 2017, 90% of advertisers began reviewing their contracts in search of programmatic advertising agencies with more control and transparency, as shown in Business Insider. This is one reason why Tappx, which values transparency for its customers, has been labelled one of the fastest growing startups in the industry. To start collaborating with Tappx as an advertiser, drop our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Santiago Soenga a line at santiago@tappx.com.


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