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Learn how to integrate the SDK for IOS with Swift. 100% Free. Available on the Learning Platform Tutellus and Udemy.

We are very happy to share with the community that the teacher Juan Gabriel Gomilla choose Tappx to start a series of classes about the integration of the SDK in apps.

We invite you to follow these classes where you will learn everything about how to install the IOS SDK in your app!
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About Juan Gabriel Gomilla:

Juan Gabriel Gomila has a degree in Mathematics  and he is an expert in Game Design and Business Intelligence. He combines his two passions , math and video games in teaching at the University of the Balearic Islands , at the School of Design of the Balearic Islands and in his own development company Frogames .

After three years in the studio of the Spanish videogames Playspace as Game Designer and Data Scientist, he chooses to start teaching in the learning platforms Udemy and Tutellus (more than 3,000 active students per month).

He is also part-time consultant in Business Intelligence and Game Design for large studios of the video game industry , which uses mathematics to improve engagement , retention and monetization F2P games.


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