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Tappx 2017 infographic banner

Tappx 2017 Year in Highlights

2017 was a year of amazing growth for Tappx. Check out some of 2017’s Highlights below in this incredible infographic.

Tappx Fill Rate mobile monetization metric

Mobile Monetization Metrics: Fill Rate

We started this series of analysis of the main monetization metrics that every app developer must know...

Team Interview Aleix Hernandez Tappx

Meet the Tappx Team: Interview With Aleix Hernandez

This month alone, Tappx has hired three more full time staffers, and is still growing. One of...

Tappx transparency score

Tappx Transparency Score Tops the Chart in Programmatic Advertising’s Quality Rating

Pixalate publishes a monthly Mobile Seller Trust Index in what it calls...

Team Interview Rafa Andrade Tappx Barcelona

Meet the Tappx Team: Interview with Rafael Andrade

Our latest team interview turns the spotlight on Tappx Advertiser Business Developer, Rafael Andrade. Find out what...

Tappx eCPM mobile monetization metric

Mobile Monetization Metrics: eCPM

eCPM is one of the metrics that everyone, including media, advertisers, and ad agencies, recognizes as one of the metrics most...


Tappx Welcomes New Supply Director Kinga Kruzmanowska to the Team

We did an interview with Kinga to get to know our new...

Bob Wang Tappx China

Tappx Welcomes Bob Wang to Tappx As Part of New China Operations Expansion

Tappx has officially launched operations in China! Now Tappx operates in China,...

Black; Friday; Mobile; Ad; Campaign

Make Gains on Black Friday With Mobile Ad Campaign

Meet Marketing Goals With Advertising Push During Black Friday & Cyber Monday High-Traffic Season Record-Breaking Online Sales...


A tale of Beauty

Tappx is proud on our collaboration with “Sweet Games Box” and the heartiest congratulations to Marco and team to have been...