Meet the Tappx Team: Interview with Judith Fàbregas

Tappx Judith Fàbregas

Tappx is proud to introduce Account Manager Judith Fàbregas. We spoke with Judith to learn more about how to build successful client relationships, stay on top of organization, and productivity management! Learning from the best!

To start, how did you get into performance marketing?

I’ve first started working in both online and offline Advertising Agencies that allowed me to understand brands’ point of view. Then I jumped directly to a Video SSP focused mainly on Desktop, and then transitioned into the mobile marketing world here at Tappx.

What is the hardest part about being an Account Manager?

I love the challenge and problem-solving my position brings. It might have its low points but when you are able to solve a problem it’s fully rewarding! Sometimes it could happen that the problem couldn’t be solved but it’s still a good learning experience for the next challenge you might face.

Tell us about a successful client relationships you have managed?

Once we had a client who started not that long ago. They decided to join us and I had to manage their Account. It was a new and small client but they were really enthusiastic to improve and do things well.

I believed in their potential and I start dedicating more time to them.

They followed all the suggestions and optimized accordingly and in only a few months they doubled their revenue. I felt great about it!

Next up, how do you plan your day?

My day starts checking all emails, Skype notifications and our Reporting tool in order to check the previous day’s performance. Also, the publishers I manage are from different parts of the world, so I first start by managing the APAC Accounts and I finish my day talking with USA, Latam and Europe clients.

What are your most useful organizational tools?

I use Asana to list all my priorities. Also, I can’t survive without the traditional way of a pen and a notebook just for the pleasure to cross out every item of the to-do list.

How many emails do you think you send a day? In a year?

I do send a lot, but the majority of my communication with the publishers I manage is through Skype. It would be very hard to count how many chat messages I send per day so I don’t want even imagine in a year hahaha.

I also call my clients often, so it allows me a closer relationship with them and, in my opinion, you can plan new strategies and ways to improve faster by a Skype call than by lots of emails.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

To keep the good vibes with my clients and teammates and go back to Dubai! (We went there last year for a Team Building meeting :P)

How about your personal goals for 2018?

I would like to travel more this year. Manchester and Amsterdam are my next planned destinations, so it seems I’m already accomplishing my goal ;)

What is your favorite way to spend time outside of work?

My free time is almost fully dedicated to my puppy Luke, my family, and friends.

I really enjoy the simplicity of a cold beer on a sunny terrace with my friends and hanging out in my hometown, Mataró.

What are the first words you think of when I say ‘Barcelona’?

The first words that came to my mind are: culture, diversity, and (obviously) sun.

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