Meet the Tappx Team: Interview With Aleix Hernandez

This month alone, Tappx has hired three more full time staffers, and is still growing. One of our new January members is Junior Software Developer, Aleix Hernandez. Aleix brings ample developing experience and creativity to our team. We did a welcome interview with him as an induction to the Tappx club.

 Team Interview Aleix Hernandez Tappx

Tappx Team Interview with Junior Software Developer, Aleix Hernandez

Q:Why did you choose your profession?

A: It wasn’t a vocation. I ended up studying CS almost by an elimination process, but once I was in I really enjoyed learning how computers work on the inside. As I moved forward with the degree I decided that I could focus both my creativity and logical thinking if I became a developer.

Q:What is the most exciting thing about programmatic ad buying?

A: The potential in having user data and being able to specifically target ads based on it is something that disrupts the advertising market in ways we still cannot imagine. With Big Data, one might finally find an answer to the question “What do my customers really want?”.

Q: What was the first thing you ever coded?

A: I don’t think “hello world” is a valid answer here. If I remember correctly, my first programming project was a platform for managing a library’s catalog. You could add books and search over the existing ones, sorting and filtering them with different criteria.

Q: What is the most important skill needed in your job?

A: I would say having both a logical mind-set and the ability to abstract yourself are essential for any programmer, whatever the language or sector.

Q: In one sentence, describe your role…

A: I’m in the integration team, responsible for connecting with new partners and providing support to our publishers if they find issues when using our SDK.

Q: If your life could be described as a game, which game would it be?

A: For the moment it feels like a puzzle or maze-solving videogame. I’m hoping to change it to a quest-for-glory-like rpg.

Q: What is one way that Tappx developers can help Tappx clients increase their revenues?

A: Tappx programmatic algorithms are aimed to do the dirty job while you keep coding awesome apps. One important difference between Tappx and competitors is that with Tappx you can previously establish the CPM you want so our promise is to accomplish that. As a developer I’m taking care of this side of the business, trying always to find new ways of optimization that drives more revenues to our developers. We will also help you if you’re having troubles integrating our SDK ;)

Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Tappx?

A: What really impressed me when I landed in this sector was how the digital advertising market really works. Nowadays we’re all used to see ads when we surf the Internet or use mobile apps, but for me, knowing how this happens, how those systems work and connect behind the scenes, is truly mind blowing.


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