Make Gains on Black Friday With Mobile Ad Campaign

Meet Marketing Goals With Advertising Push During Black Friday & Cyber Monday High-Traffic Season

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Record-Breaking Online Sales

With Black Friday approaching quickly, there’s a window of opportunity for advertisers that is closing quickly. Your brand needs to be promoted where the audience is. Mobile apps and devices experience large jumps of increased traffic during Black Friday to Cyber Monday every year. Black Friday 2016 saw record-breaking online sales- $3.34 billion and $3.39 billion earned on Black Friday and Cyber Monday respectively in the US alone.

During the Black Friday event, abandonment rates drop for online purchases, probably because shoppers browse with the intention to spend money. Your advertisement has more purchase power than ever.

Big Move Towards Mobile

Statistics also show that there is a massive spike in app downloads during this period.

In relation, there is a significant increase in the trend towards targeting consumers through in-app advertising every year. If consumers are using mobile apps at higher rates during this period, that´s where advertisers can capitalize on their advertising dollars. In fact, statistics from 2016 back up the trend towards mobile consumption during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  


Percentage of Mobile Online Sales Black Friday 2016

Higher mobile purchases than any other time of year means it is the perfect opportunity to launch mobile ad campaign. Mobile devices accounted for 48% of online purchases during Black Friday event 2016, as shown by Statista. With this in mind, more brands are liable to focus their advertising budgets increasingly on mobile and in-app ad campaigns.

Planning Your Mobile Ad Campaign

Get the most out of you mobile ad campaign. When planning, consider that mobile ad space has lots of different ad formats to offer: banners, half, full screen layouts, video, playable ads. The type of ad you buy will dictate the size and content qualities of your promotion and also different engagement ratios.

Secondly, consider the target demographic of your campaign. Establish which geolocation and language will make your ad campaign the most effective. Identify the characteristics of your market segmentation, marketing angle, and optimal location targeting. Don’t focus only in content creation, in the mobile space what dominates is the Context over content. Additionally, define the metrics of your success in order to gauge the outcome of your ad campaign. Your metric could be anything from new website traffic before and after campaign, sales profit, etc. Tracking changes in purchase or conversion rates can be an attractive way to observe the effectiveness of your campaign across the sales funnel. But as not all of your visitors will become clients at that time,  tracking bounce rate or cart abandonment rate it is also important to re-impact those users later who might be engaging with another app or on another device.

Find the right inventory to show your ads. Do you want to make an impression on your customers in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Studies show that 84% of Smartphone owners use apps while getting ready in the morning. Email, weather, social media, news, traffic, and shopping apps tops the list, according to Mashable. Or perhaps a game app during the hours of daily commute from work to home is the best way to serve your ad. Luckily, this is the easiest step. Tappx has the right resources to show your ready-made ads to your audience via our inventory of quality publishers. Curate a selection of categories and app targets you want to serve your ads.

Black Friday Coming This Week

Get the most out of your impressions. Ramp up your advertising campaign during the online shopping hallapalooza of Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2017. This season is set to see record-breaking online sales, app downloads, in-app purchases, and mobile consumerism.

Tappx manages more than 200B ad requests per month, operating a  worldwide network of thousands of apps and mobile websites. Mobile ad space is our expertise. If you want a successful mobile ad campaign, drop us a line and let’s get started.


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