Benefit of the Cross-Promotion for Etermax by Tappx – Case study

Up to 10 K Users | Budget: 0 $
More than 20 Geos Targetted
100% Fill Rate


For their big hits app “Trivia Crack Kingdoms”, Etermax are eager to acquire new users and increase brand awareness at a worldwide level without spending any communication budget for it.

By using the Tappx Cross Promotion Solution Etermax win new users, maximise downloads and increases their brand awareness within specific Geos at no cost to them.

After becoming a member of Tappx, Etermax dedicates a part of their inventory traffic/back fill to receive ads from the app developers from the community.

In doing this, Etermax accumulates Tappix (credits used inside the platform) by promoting other apps from the community in their own app. The credits gained can then be applied to create key geographic campaigns to promote Trivia Crack Kingdom within the designated traffic areas of the community.

etermax outbound“As Etermax have already enjoyed success with us for more than one year, we are confident that we can also form a very effective partnership with others keys apps publishers.”  – Thierry Dubois, Business Development

“Tappx helps us to acquire new users and give us the marketing intelligence to work on the Geos we are focusing on. We are also happy to help and engage with other developers by promoting their apps in our traffic” – Tomás Cavanagh, Traffiquer

etermaxEtermax is the leading company in social games in Latin America.
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it has emerged as a model company in cross-platform game developing in the region.
It has entrepreneurial and spirited young leaders, who work hard to sketch the future of gaming.


tappxTappx, the largest open community for app developers and mobile publishers proposes to Etermax to use their platform for cross-promotion to market their apps for free and drive user installs. Tappx’s Programmatic Mobile Platform drive installs from their app developers community and gives 100% assistance in implementing campaign and creatives on the platform.


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