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Meet Tappx at Digital Marketing Expo & Conference – DMEXCO 2019

Tappx will be at DMEXCO in Cologne on 11 – 12 Sept...

Tappx Account Manager Judith Fàbregas

Meet the Tappx Team: Interview with Judith Fàbregas

Tappx is proud to introduce Account Manager Judith Fàbregas. We spoke with Judith to learn more about...

Tappx Publisher Account Manager Christian Ahlers

Meet the Tappx Team: Interview with Christian Ahlers

Tappx team member Christian Ahlers shares his experience with the advertising industry and managing campaigns. Q&A With...

ARPDAU Mobile Monetization Metric Tappx

Mobile Monetization Metrics: ARPDAU

  Mobile Monetization Metrics: ARPDAU In previous articles, Tappx has been analyzing important metrics for monetization of...

Tappx Demand Business Developer Giuliana Caputo

Meet the Tappx Team: Interview with Giuliana Caputo

Tappx growth has been through the charts. We are excited to introduce so many new team members...

Fernando-Saiz Camarero - Tappx CMO

Meet the Tappx Team: Interview with Fernando Saiz

Since one year ago, the Tappx Team has tripled in size. One of our newest members is...

Tappx 2017 infographic banner

Tappx 2017 Year in Highlights

2017 was a year of amazing growth for Tappx. Check out some of 2017’s Highlights below in this incredible infographic.

Tappx Fill Rate mobile monetization metric

Mobile Monetization Metrics: Fill Rate

We started this series of analysis of the main monetization metrics that every app developer must know...

Team Interview Aleix Hernandez Tappx

Meet the Tappx Team: Interview With Aleix Hernandez

This month alone, Tappx has hired three more full time staffers, and is still growing. One of...

Tappx transparency score

Tappx Transparency Score Tops the Chart in Programmatic Advertising’s Quality Rating

Pixalate publishes a monthly Mobile Seller Trust Index in what it calls...